NaviTab by Nautisk

NaviTab from Nautisk is a unique new concept that replaces your onboard Navigational Publication library. Hundreds of vital books have been uploaded onto a hi-spec hand-held device, suitable for use both onshore and on the bridge.

Search in seconds to find the relevant publication for your voyage, bookmark essential notes and even add your own.

NaviTab takes care of everything, ensuring safe, compliant, reliable navigation.


A simple revolution

With NaviTab, keeping your publications up to date is automagic. All you need to do is dock the device and let NaviTab do the rest.

NaviTab’s optimised search engine will automatically locate the latest available publications in your holdings and will license latest editions for you, as and when they are available. So wherever you are and wherever you’re going, you can rest assured that your Fleet will always be up to date.


No fees, no hassle

The investment cost of the NaviTab will offset with your shipping fees in one year.

NaviTab is an all-in-one solution that once purchased, does not require any license costs or upgrade fees. For a worldwide trading vessel the investment that you make with NaviTab will offset your shipping fees in just one year.


Orange is the new green

Reduce your carbon emission with a complete digital library.

Every year, Nautisk ships hundreds of tons of paper publications to Fleets all over the world. Due to their urgent nature, most of these shipments are airfreighted. Switching to NaviTab’s complete digital library allows a greener form of shipping, with less strain on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint.


The benefits are clear

Simple, compliant, easy to use, ecological. NaviTab’s benefits speak for themselves.

Spending control

Maintain full control of your vessels’ spending. NaviTab’s costs are upfront, clear and straightforward.

24/7 Support

Sign up to NaviTab and you become part of the Nautisk family. Our global support team will assist you with set up and are there to ensure that you are happy and problem-free, 24/7.

Seamless updating

Automatic updates ensure that your global Fleet stays compliant, all the time.

Slash freight costs, stay compliant

No more expensive freight bills or keeping track of freight forwarders. NaviTab is light, portable and easy to use, which means that while NaviTab is taking care of your publications, you can take care of your bottom line.

Easy referencing

With NaviTab, referencing your publications is easy. Make annotations, bookmarks and search across your entire library.

Secure solution

With NaviTab’s insurance and Peace of Mind package, you won’t get any costly surprises. If your NaviTab suffers an accident, we will send you a new one. Simple.

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